Best Shoes to Wear for Roofing

Having the best shoes for roofing is an essential part of an efficient and safe roofing job. These shoes will keep you firmly planted from where you are standing to lower the risk of injuries, falls, and accidents that happen to many people because of the poor choice of footwear.

What are the Best Shoes for Roofing? – Top 3 Reviewed in 2019

Here are 3 top rated shoes that are positively reviewed by most of the previous roofers. We composed a brief analysis of each model in perspectives of comfort, security, and safety, sizing, stability, and traction etc. Ultimately, we would like users to choose their own roof working shoes without hassle.

Thorogood Lace-to-toe Roofer Boots – Best Grip Shoes for Roofing Work

Thorogood Lace-to-toe Roofer Boots have a secure lacing system that covers nearly the whole stretch of the upper, excluding about one or two inches on the toe area.

The Vibram Christy Blown Rubber Wedge on these boots gives powerful traction and grip. They have a slip-resistant sole that is useful when treading wet shingles. The inside of the soles contains durable composite shanks. No need to worry about the soles being separated from the uppers because they were constructed via Goodyear Storm Welt.

Your roofing shoes should not make you awkwardly position your feet, adjust your arches, or curl your toes as they can cause strain or injury. For comfort, the Thorogood Roofer Boots have Poron 400 Comfort Cushion that gives you a steady and stable step.

A good pair of roofing shoes will keep you securely in place to keep you from slipping as you work on the roof. These roofer boots have a textured zigzag sole pattern that gives you better grip from shingles and other roofing materials.

The oil-tanned leather of these roofing boots has a distressed look that gives the shoes a worn look, which is a great accent for some outfits. The boots are secure against your feet as they are naturally a snug fit, preventing accidents caused by loose footwear.

The sizes for these boots are likely to be a size bigger, so purchase shoes that are one size smaller to offset the sizing issue.

The Thorogood Lace-to-toe Roofer Boots give the right traction, comfort, and support for jobs that may put you at risk of slips and injuries.

Cougar Paws Peak Performer – Best Shoes for Metal Roofing

Durability, comfort, and style do not always go together when it comes to the metal roofing shoes, but the Cougar Paws Peak Performer Roofing Shoes defy these odds.

The best shoes to wear should be full of gripping power on the metal roof and this is what the Cougar Paws Roofing Shoes offer. If you lose this traction after a period of time, you can easily replace the pad at the bottom. The removable pads are perhaps the most distinctive feature of these shoes. They provide roof heat-absorption functionality and extra protection. These pads are also slip-resistant as certified by ASTM.

Compared to cheap roofing shoes, Cougar Paws Roofing Shoes have twice as much grip, so this means you also have twice as much security. Just no worry of either working or walking on the metal roofing or shingle roofs. It provides good traction on everything.

These roofing shoes have superb high ankle support with shoelaces and strap. They offer a secure, tight fit in a comfortable way.

The upper construction is made from soft and versatile leather, while the soles are redesigned and integrated into the shoes. Along with the innovative traction technology, these features ensure a sufficient and well-balanced fitting and minimized foot fatigue.

The sizing may vary. Women must order two sizes smaller.

The best shoes for roof walking should have extra security, extra grip, and extra comfort. This Cougar Paws Peak Performer can give you everything. According to previous users on, this roofer shoes is great for walking and working on metal tile roofing. It adds excellent traction to prevent slipping and hailed as one of the best shoes for walking on the metal roof.

Cougar Paws Estimator Roofing Boots – Best Shoes for Walking on a Roof

The Cougar Paws Estimator Roofing Boots are not just ordinary work boots. They are designed particularly for walking sloped roofs.

The Traction Grip Technology is unique to Cougar Paws products, and it is not exclusive to their heavy-duty work boots. While the Peak Performer Roofing Boots offer more flexibility and comfort, the Estimator Boot is a lightweight alternative. These roofing shoes feature nylon and leather upper that provides the same stability, but with a lighter, more stylish design.

The Neoprene Sole of the Estimator Boot reduce sliding and slipping on all types of roofs – slate, wood shake, asphalt tile, etc. The Traction Grip Technology allows roofers to increase their production and at the same time, increase their safety as well.

These shoes have durable construction because of the nylon and leather upper. However, they are still breathable even during the hottest of weather.

The Estimator Boot does not run half size bigger than other Cougar Paws Roofing Boots. Pick your normal shoe size when ordering. If you are a woman, order two sizes smaller.

The lightweight material on the upper of the shoes reduces their weight, which makes them the best type of shoes for walking on the roof or light-duty and estimating jobs.

How to Buy Best Shoes to Wear and Use for Roofing

As a roofer, you are exposed to different types of conditions that are mostly rough and tough. You need to wear the best shoes and boots for roofing work and here is how to choose them:

  • Durability – the boots and shoes to wear for roofing are made from premium leather as this material is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Comfort – make sure the interior of the shoes is fully-padded, has breathability feature, and would allow your feet to remain dry even with tough weather conditions.
  • Safety – those shoes to use for roofing work should have protective features like cut and impact-resistance, excellent grip, and toe protection.
  • Proper insulation – well-insulated shoes will protect your feet from extreme cold and heat.
  • Sole – check the design and the material of the sole as they indicate efficiency and safety of your job.
  • Weight – the shoes and boots for walking on a roof should not be too heavy as it restricts your mobility and may damage the roofing material. Lightweight shoes are also more comfortable, and safe.
  • Upper Construction – if the upper is not made from the finest materials, then you are compromising durability and comfort.

Not all roofing shoes are created equal. The best shoes for decking a roof offer lots of stability and safety as well as comfort. The criteria above were used in choosing the top three. These are the features you should be looking for when buying your shoes for roofing.

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