Fila Disruptor 2 Review

The Fila Disruptor 2 is an all-white premium sneaker for women from the house of Fila. It comes with a retro design that is a throwback to the sneakers’ original image. Made from 100% Cowhide leather, the shoe promises exceptional durability and comfort in all weather conditions.

Cowhide leather is known for its tough and breathable construction, which can withstand most abuse with ease. The first-class leather wrap also ensures that your feet stay dry even in the most humid conditions. Their traditional lace-up design offers a snug fit no matter your foot size. Its high-quality rubber sole ensures that you have enough grip on all kinds of surfaces.

Comparison Chart of The Top Selling Fila Disruptor 2 Shoes on Amazon

ImagesTitleKey FeaturesPriceNotes
Fila Men's Disruptor II Custom Patch SneakersCowhide leather, rubber outsole, lace up closure, Velcro sides, logo patches$$For Men
FILA Men's Disruptor II Denim Sneakera textile and nubuck upper, lightweight EVA, rubber outsole, Fila logo on tongue, a removable insole$$For Men
Fila Womens Disruptor II Premium Sneakerleather cowhide upper, rubber outsole, lace up top, extra-thick sole for great shock absorption$$For Women
Fila Womens Disruptor 2 Leather Low Top Lace Up Walking Shoesrubber sole, cowhide leather wrap, lace up closure$$For Women
Fila Youth Disruptor II Sneakera filabuck leather upper, rubber outsole, a perforated toe$$For Kids
Fila Disruptor II Sneaker(Little Kid)rubber outsole, filabuck upper, rubber outsole, perforated toe$$For Kids

 Does Fila Disruptor 2 Run Small?

The Fila Disruptor II is the second iteration and successor of Disruptor I. It has been built with the same principles in mind but none of the disadvantages. One of these disadvantages was the fact that the Fila Disruptor I would consistently run smaller for most people. This, in turn, meant that most of them had to buy a size bigger.

Fila has made significant changes to ensure that the Fila Disruptor II fits perfectly on your foot. The leather materials easily add durability and usefulness. The Fila Disruptor II has fit as expected on almost 85% of its users, according to Amazon reviews. In any case, shoes are personal items that often require trial and error to find the one that fits you the best.

It is always a good idea to visit a store and try a shoe in-person to find the perfect fit and size for you.

Is Fila Disruptor 2 Comfortable?

The Fila Disruptor II has been designed with comfort in mind. It features high-quality leather construction with padded insoles and grooved outlines. The shoe features a heavily padded midsole. It not only provides structural stability but also helps absorb most of the force of a sudden impact. The padded insole uses Fila’s proprietary materials that take the shape of your underfoot for a comfortable fit but return to their normal shape despite prolonged usage.

Its lace-up design ensures that you can find a comfortable fit whether you have narrow feet or wide feet. Also, it gives you the added versatility to go for a looser fit in case you have an injury. The shoe features ergonomically grooved sidelines and heel clip which ensures that there are no shoe bites or sores on your feet even when you are using them for the first time.

Additionally, the Fila Disruptor II has a padded tongue with soft breathable inner lining. This makes it perfect for someone who leads an active lifestyle. The padded tongue provides cushioning during long hours of usage while the breathable lining will ensure that your feet stay dry and sweat-free. All of this combined gives Fila Disruptor II a premium look and exceptional comfort which is hard to find at this price point. 

If comfort and performance are your priority, then the Fila Disruptor II should be at the top of your wish list.

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